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"Petite Portraits"

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"Petite Portraits" is a collection of dolls inspired by the stories of certain women from past eras. Great care is taken to sculpt a close likeness of each portrayed character.  These dolls are 14 inches tall on a 20 piece "snap" jointed Porcelite body, designed by the artist, and is capable of free stance and fluid posability.  Porcelite, is a durable, virtually unbreakable medium that mimics the "look" of fine porcelain. Each doll is meticulously painted, including the eyes and has a hand fashioned mohair wig. Every costume, which is composed of only the finest of fabrics, is authentic to the era and life style of the model, and fits over appropriate undergarments, corsets, and petticoats. Patterns from "From My Victorian Garden" series also fit this series, enabling the collector to construct a wardrobe and vignette. The dolls in this collection will be offered in one-of-a-kind costumes. As with all the dolls created by Alice Leverett Originals, these dolls are solely hand made by the artist, herself, assuring the quality and attention to detail the collector has come to expect. Prices start at $2,250.00.

Click on individual photos to view close-up of the face and costume.


"Victoria" a portrait of Victoria Woodhull  1870   Price $2,250.00


"Marie Antoinette 1775"      Price $2,250.00


"Baby Doe Tabor 1882"      Price $2,250.00

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