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"Dorothy 1905"

Dorothy Gibson

"Dorothy 1912"


Dorothy Gibson


Dorothy Gibson (1884-1946) was considered to be "a very vivacious sort" by those who knew her. She had been an artist's model and become well known as the "Original Harrison Fisher Girl." Fisher's Illustrations were popular in the early 1900's when he was nick-named "The Father of A Thousand Girls," and his Fisher Girls became rivals to the works of artist Charles Gibson (known for the Gibson Girl - Dorothy was of no relationship to Charles Gibson and is not the "Gibson Girl"). Dorothy went on to become an actress. She was aboard the Titanic the night it sank, and having survived, she starred in the first movie made about the disaster, Saved From the Titanic (1912). In that film she wore the very dress that she had on the night that the ship sank. The movie was released just 29 days after the sinking. She married Jules Brulatour, a wealthy film distributor, her marriage lasting only two years. Dorothy died in Paris "of a congestion" twenty-seven years later, on February 20.


The portrait dolls "Dorothy 1905"and "Dorothy 1912" depict Dorothy Gibson during her modeling career and during the time of the sinking of the Titanic, consecutively.





Working corsets hook in the front and lace up the back and are worn over a "combination", a one piece undergarment replacing the chemise and drawers. Petticoats began less numerous and voluminous as the skirt became less full. Note the different poses. Any of the dolls in the "Windows in Time" series may assume any one similarly. Much detail was given to the back of garments with no exception to the hat.
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