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"Windows in Time"


The "Windows in Time" series is a collection of  porcelain dolls portraying women in history, with special attention to authenticity and fashion. This collection reflects a sincere effort by the artist to create a true art doll.

All the dolls in this series are composed of seventeen separate pieces of porcelain, joined together to form a fully articulated, moveable figure capable of human-like poses, including sitting. Each doll is jointed at the toes, the ankles, the knees, the hips, the waist, the shoulders, the elbows, the wrists, and at the throat, with as little interruption to the human form as possible, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing body shape. Each doll stands 17 inches tall and is designed and hand made by the artist, exclusively, as are all other aspects of the doll. The dolls are all clothed from the skin out, including undergarments, corset, stockings, shoes, appropriated petticoat(s), dress, hat or hair ornaments and jewelry. All of the clothing is workable, the dolls can be dressed and undressed. Even the corsets hook and lace. The wigs are hand knotted mohair, made by the artist, and can be restyled.

Each portrait sculpture is limited to no more than five, usually less, uniquely finished and costumed, one-of-a-kind dolls. It is very rare in a poured porcelain style of doll, which requires the construction of a plaster mold, to have the number of dolls made from that mold be so limited. Be aware that definitions to the public often refer to costuming only. Here the artist has defined both the doll and the costume.

Additional costumes are available through special arrangement with the artist, who is happy to consider suggestions for other personalities and accepts commissioned work.


                                                Dorothy Gibson                                 La Dona Tulles

                                      Queen Ranavalo                                        Baby Doe Tabor


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