The Ultimate Fashion Doll

by Alice Leverett Originals

articulated porcelite body, click for close-up Barrois, click for close-up Barrois, click for close-up FG4, click for close-up Bru Smiler, click for close-up Jumeau, click for close-up

Designed in the 'old' style, especially for the doll costumer.

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These dolls are each individually hand-crafted with as many as 20 parts to enable movability, each doll with unique qualities. They do not have a contemporary or manufactured look or feel. If you desire to design and sew, collect accessories, and create a wardrobe in Victorian fashion for a doll that is sturdy, a petite clone of an antique wooden bodied French fashion doll, you too may consider these to truely be the Ultimate Fashion doll. Somewhat removed from traditional thinking, these dolls are not meant to be left 'mint-in-box'. Each of these little beauties invites you to handle and enjoy it without fear of damaging a pristine newness or disturbing antiquity. Antique French fashion dolls have irresistable charm. Perhaps it is because of the style in which they were made or in the patina age has given them. Maybe both. The idea of playing with one feels scary. My goal, as the designer and maker of these re-creations, these Ultimate Fashion dolls, is to capture some of that charm in a beautiful replica the collector will play with, collect for, dress and truely enjoy, as I have enjoyed making them. I am thankful to be able to make these dolls.

All "Ultimate Fashion Dolls" are: sold undressed, $895.00, 12 inches tall, patterns and accessory kits available.

The bodies are made of resin, and are cast from an original sculpt by the artist, not cast from an antique, but made to look and work like an antique. The heads are re-creations of coveted antique French Fashion dolls and are cast in fine Porcelain in molds made by the artist from antique dolls. The wigs are mohair and the eyes are glass.

More than 14 dolls are offered, as pictured, at this time: Genevieve, Babet, Daphine, Finine, Celeste, Zezette, Danielle, Emma, Lily, Chloe, Elvina, Claudia, Huret with teeth, Isabelle and Edouard.

The inspiration for the Ultimate Fashion Phenix body was an ANTIQUE by Benoit Louis Martin, designed and patented in 1863. He named this unique and beautiful body "Phenix" and marked it with a bronze label. This style body is very rarely seen in collections today.

Lily is a very important addition to the Ultimate Fashion family. She is a re-creation of the signature doll for La Poupee de Nuremberg, the doll shop of Madame Lavallee-Peronne, publisher of La Poupee Modele. Louise Hedrick, owner of the antique Lily and many original editions of La Poupee Modele, will teach classes and offer patterns for the Ultimate Fashion Lily. (Exclusive permission has been given to Louise to use the Ultimate Fashion name in connection with these patterns) The re-creation of Lily required the design of an additional Ultimate Fashion body similar to the antique Lily body in order to preserve her historic integrity.

PLEASE NOTE: Both Ultimate Fashion doll bodies are original sculpts by Alice Leverett Originals, not molded from antiques, but inspired by them, and are copyright designs.